Your Kids Can Take Free Contemporary Art Classes From The Museum of Modern Art. Here’s How.


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) may be closed to visitors, but they’re reaching out virtually to budding artists everywhere with some free art classes.

New York, USA, November 2016: Main entrance with glass doors of the MoMA (Museum of Modern art) In Manhattan, New York

What Free Art Classes Are Available?

If your kids are looking for something new to do while stuck at home, these free, contemporary art classes will have them looking at art in a whole new way. All courses are taught through Coursera, an onine teaching platform, and you can register for them here.

What is Contemporary Art? – This is the perfect introduction to the history of contemporary art, which started in 1980. The 17-hour course features lessons from a variety of architects, designers, and artists.

Fashion As Design – Learn about the life cycle of clothing and how fashion can form identities in this free art course. The 21-hour course includes lessons from historians, designers, and manufacturers to explain the life cycle of fashion and garments.

Seeing Through Photography – This 16-hour course moves beyond appreciation of photography and helps students develop critical thinking skills in regards to various types of photography.

Abstract Post-War Painting – Learn by studying the masters, in particular, seven New York School artists, including Jackson Pollack. Students will learn about the context of the artwork. The 27-hour course includes study exercises, and students are encouraged to submit their own artwork to the MoMA discussion platforms!

Modern Art & Ideas – For a general discussion about the world of modern and contemporary art, listen in to audio interviews with curators, artists, and designers. Through 12 hours of materials, dive into how an artist finds inspiration and more.

These free MoMA classes are such a fabulous opportunity. Kids of all ages, and adults, will most definitely be inspired!



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