Your Child Will Love Making This Awesome Minecraft Creeper Shirt


My kids, especially our two oldest boys LOVE Minecraft. The kids have made big houses, small houses, sprawling horse ranches, a roller coaster, an underground maze of tunnels to nowhere, portals to alternate worlds. Minecraft has become ingrained in the culture of our home. So you can imagine the excitement when the boys found out what they were going to Make a Minecraft T Shirt!

Minecraft Creeper T-Shirt Tutorial

DIY Shirt Tutorial

Supplies Needed: (affiliate links are included in this post)

Minecraft Creeper T-Shirt Tutorial


Cut the foil or cardboard to fit inside your T-shirt.

Insert it up into the shirt. You will need this to keep the paint from bleeding through the fabric.

Be sure to make sure that your insert is big enough.

To Make a Single TShirtCut the Masking Tape Into the Following Segments:

  • 2″ by 3″ – you will need 3 segments
  • 2″ by 4″ – you will need one

You will also need to make a “frame” with remaining masking tape.

After you have your tape cut, place them into the mine-craft creeper face “shape” on your T-shirt.

Fill-in the face by painting first with white acrylic paint. Depending on the quality of the paint and how thick you paint, you might need to do two layers.

Wait for the white to dry and then paint neon over that. Once the neon has dried, mix one-half neon paint with one-half glow-in-the-dark paint.

Do a final coat with the “fun paint”.

Allow the creeper face to fully dry before removing the masking tape – Carefully!

This shirt is washable. Your creeper face is there to stay!

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Did your kids enjoy this fun DIY activity? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.


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