You’ll Love These Super Cute and Simple DIY Mask Ideas for Kids


These 30+ DIY mask ideas for kids are so much fun and with Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about creative costume ideas!

There are many great things about making costumes with your kids. It promotes family bonding. It helps build creativity. The kids have ownership over what was created and therefor have more enthusiasm about getting dressed up for the festivities.

Furthermore, making your own costumes and mask helps keep costs down. If you are looking for more Halloween costume ideas then these 10 super simple costume ideas might be just what you are looking for. I also love these wonderfully creative family costume ideas.

diy mask ideas for kids

Plus, using the stuff you have around the house or from leftover scary Halloween crafts really take the stress out of the rush for a costume and can help you avoid large crowds!

Woodland Creatures Masks

diy mask kids ideas

  • Is your child an animal lover? Then they will love this woodland creature mask tutorial by Hoosier Homemade.
  • Can decide? There are plenty of no-sew animal mask ideas by Pretty Prudent.
  • Fantastic Fantastic Fox is such a wonderful book. Now you can be Mr. Fox with this Mr. Fox DIY mask by Red Ted Art.
  • Short on time? No problem! We have plenty of super cute printable animal masks that are inspired by Dr. Dolittle by Kids Activities Blog.

Safari Animals Masks

DIY Safari Animal Masks

  • Did you know you can use foam to make masks? These quick and easy animal masks are super cute by The Creative Mom.
  • Get wild with these printable safari masks by The House that Lars Built.
  • Be fierce and make a roar with this easy lion mask that even toddlers can make by Danya Banya.
  • Learn the letter E and make a stomp with this adorable elephant mask by East Coast Mommy Blog.

Bird Mask

Bird Mask DIY for Kids

  • Get colorful with this super cute bird mask by Childhood 101.
  • Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? Now you can be an Angry Bird for Halloween with these printable masks by Alpha Mom.
  • What a fantastic way to recycle! You can use egg cartons to make these gorgeous bird masks by Sweet Paul.
  • Learn to make the coolest cardboard bird mask among others by Hand Made Charlotte.

Superhero Masks

diy mask kids ideas

  • Be super and make your own super hero mask with these templates by Red Ted Art.
  • Use these free printable templates to create these awesome paper plate masks by Meaningful Mama.
  • You can choose to make one of these 6 felt hero masks by Tessie Fae.
  • You can use these PDF patterns to create either paper hero masks or felt hero masks by by Willow and Stitch.

Mardi Gras Masks

diy mask kids ideas

Halloween Masks

diy mask kids ideas

  • Get spooky with these printable Halloween masks by Kids Activities Blog.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time making the perfect Halloween mask when you can use these printable Halloween masks by Mr. Printables.
  • These masked marvels are absolute beautiful and spooky by Parents.
  • It’s alive! Make this awesome printable Frankenstein mask by Delia Creates.

Paper Plate Masks

diy mask kids ideas

  • Masks don’t have to be hard to make. Try out these easy paper plate animal masks by Crafts 4 Toddlers.
  • These paper plate Panda masks are super cute and easy to make by Kix Cereal.
  • Your little one will love making their own beautiful masks with paper plates by Kids Activities Blog.
  • Who knew paper plates could be so heroic? Your child can make their own superhero masks by The Happy Home Life.

Up-cycled Materials Masks

diy mask kids ideas

  • Recycle a popcorn bucket to turn your child into a knight in shining armor by Meaningful Mama.
  • Go green by using egg cartons to make small color masks by Picklebums.
  • You can use milk jugs to make the coolest, and slightly creepy, face masks with paper mache by Instructables.
  • Squash the rebellion with these milk jug masks by Filth Wizardry.

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