You Can Make Beautiful Day of the Dead Masks Using Paper Plates


Day of the dead masks, also known as Calavera masks, are fun to make and it is a part of the Day of the dead holiday traditions. Let’s make this easy Day of the Dead craft using paper plates which are available to almost all of us.

3 day of the dead masks using paper plate craft activity for dia de los muertos
This paper plate masks for the day of the dead is so easy to make.

Supplies Needed for Making the Day of the Dead Masks

  • Paper plates
  • Markers
  • Rhinestones
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or elastic or craft sticks
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Day of the dead skull outline printable template

Download our printable template here:

supplies for making paper plate masks for day of the dead sugar skull masks
Gather these supplies to make your beautiful paper plate masks for the day of the dead

Instructions on How to Make Dia de los Muertos Mask

Print the skull template and cut the outline, eyes, and nose using scissors and a craft knife.

Trace the outline of the skull and also the circles for the eyes and heart shape for nose on a paper plate.

skull template traced on a back of the paper plate for making maks for dia de los muertos
Trace the template on to the paper plate for making the masks

Make as many skull masks as you’d like with the paper plates and keep them aside until you’re ready to decorate. Use a black marker to add different patterns around the eyes and for the teeth portion of the masks.

three paper plate template base displayed on a white background for decorating -paper plate masks for the day of the dead
Make bases ready for decorating.

Now take the rhinestones and glue to decorate your day of the dead masks. You can also use self-adhesive rhinestones if you planning to do this activity with younger kids.

paper plate masks with rhinestones glued on with elmers school glue for calavera masks
Glue the rhinestones n the design you wish to make the Calavera masks

Allow the glue to dry. Cut the eyes and nose parts using a craft knife of the Dia de Los Muertos masks. You could also do this beforehand.

Two paper plate masks embellished with rhinestones for the day of the dead
Which of these designs you like the most?

If you don’t want to use rhinestones, you can create this beautiful Calavera masks just by using markers. Draw some basic flowers, leaves, and flourish patterns all around and ask kids to color them to complete the masks.

Also, if your kids love coloring, check these sugar skull coloring pages for kids.

day of the dead sugar skull masks decorated with only markers
Isn’t this so simple to make?

Add holes on either side of the paper plate masks and then attach elastic or ribbon to the holes so you can wear the masks. Or you could just glue a craft stick to use it as a photo prop on the Day of the Dead party. Now your Day of the Dead masks are ready.

diy day of the dead masks ready to wear for the party
The day of the dead masks are ready to rock welcome your deceased loved ones

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