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Last year when school started in September we would draw a little heart on the palm of BB’s hand. That way if he felt sad after drop off he could press the heart and feel our hugs. It helped to make the separation at drop off easier. I realise that school starting in the next week or so maybe harder than usual for a lot of children of all ages. Plus the older the child, the less likely they may want a heart drawn on their hand. Instead I have been making some worry rocks for my charges to take into school.   That way they can keep it in a pocket, and if they are feeling a little low or anxious they can hold onto it and feel the love. I also made extras for their parents, because let’s face it, it will hard for us too!

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To make your own worry rocks you will need:

  • Small rounded stone
  • Paint or acrylic pens
  • PVA glue (optional)

I used some acrylic pens that are perfect for drawing on rocks, but using paints works just as well.

Decorate your worry rocks with hearts and leave them to dry.   Your little ones could decorate one for you.

If you wanted to give the rock an added layer of protection then paint a layer of PVA or Mod Podge glue over the top.

When the rocks are completely dry they are ready to add to your kid’s school bag, pencil case, or their pocket.

If you liked these worry rocks be sure to check out my calming beads and Zen garden.

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Worry Rocks: For kids to put in their pockets to help with separation anxiety at school.


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