Wonderful Washable Paints So Kids Can Get Messy


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Cleanup’s a cinch with washable paints.

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One of the best ways to keep your kids entertained for hours is to hand them blank paper, a brush and paint so they can make a masterpiece. But one of the most stressful parts is worrying that the paint will ruin furniture, clothing and more. Washable paint is your saving grace—here’s what to look for and use in projects for messy kids of all ages.

Hassle-Free Container

Colorations Simply Washable Tempera Paints, 8 fl oz, Set of 6 Colors, Non Toxic, Vibrant, Bold, Kids Paint, Craft, Hobby, Arts & Crafts, Fun, Art Supplies, Assorted Set

Includes red, orange, white, yellow, blue and green.

Tempera paint has a creamy consistency, making it easy to cover a range of media, including paper, cardboard and cloth. Opt for a squeeze bottle to make finger painting a breeze.

Tools Galore

Early Learning Kids Paint Set Washable Finger Paint with Assorted Painting Brushes Sponges Portable Case for Kids Toddlers Drawing Gifts Age 3+

Comes with a variety of 12 different tools.

A benefit of washable paint? Kids can add texture to their work without fear of splattering or running off their canvas. Look for paint sets that include a variety of tools to experiment with.

Bright Colors

Crayola Washable Kids Paint, 6 Count, Kids At Home Activities, Painting Supplies, Gift, Assorted

Made from a nontoxic formula.

For young and newer painters, an assortment of primary colors is a smart way to start. Look for paint that isn’t very watery—even though it’s washable, wiping up lots of drips is no fun.


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