Wobble Chairs to Keep Kids Focused and Learning


If your child is always in motion—even when they must sit still for school time or family activities—the struggle is very real, making a wobble chair a real game changer. They encourage active sitting, which allows little bodies to remain “in motion” rather than stuck in a rigid posture position. A wobble chair aids in releasing energy while increasing overall focus, attention and concentration. Here’s what to look for and what to know about this important seating option for your child.

For fidgety kids, there may be a constant need to get the “ants out of their pants.” The rounded bottom of wobble chairs allows for constant micro-movements that will release pent-up energy.

The motion of the wobble chair is designed for increasing focus and attention span. It makes it easier for kids to engage in reading, puzzles, board games, art projects and more.

Wobble chairs promote positive posture, which in turn promotes better blood flow to the brain. When that happens, the brain receives more oxygen, making kids alert and ready for the tasks at hand.


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