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A Valentine word search is more than just a fun activity to kill some time.  It’s also a way to improve your child’s vocabulary.  Many of the words found on our worksheets may be new to many students.

One thing that our son’s teacher does is have him look up words in the dictionary and write down their definitions.  Not only does this give him help with his handwriting, but it also teaches him alphabetical order while improving his vocabulary.

It’s the educational trifecta!  If your child needs help with any of those things (handwriting, vocabulary, ABC order) be sure to use our lessons and worksheets that cover those topics.

Printable Valentine Word Search Puzzles

In our house we have a wide range of school-aged children.  Sometimes when I make worksheets, I have to make sure that all the kids will be able to enjoy them.  The Word Search puzzles are always a hit with all of our kids.

In order to make sure that they all get a puzzle to do I made some of the word search puzzles a little easier than the others.  Younger students, like our daughter will enjoy the smaller 5X5 and 6X6 word searches.

They use simple words that are easy to spell and they don’t have any backwards spelled words.  The font is also bigger so I would recommend having your child color in the words as they are found instead of circling them.

Older children will like the 10X10 and 12X12 worksheets that have harder words and can be found using both forwards and backwards spellings.  And, for those older children that like to color, the font is still a great one for coloring in.

For more holiday fun, check out the Valentine activities below:

Valentine Wordsearch


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