TV Commentator Mom’s Multitasking Prep for TV Interview is All of Us During COVID


The COVID era has proven that working moms can do anything—as if there were ever any doubt. From homeschooling while working full-time to keeping the house intact, we are masters of many trades.

Nayyera Haq, a political commentator and former White House senior director, took to Twitter with a photo that shows the quintessence of working motherhood amidst the pandemic. As she so eloquently puts it, “A lot can be done in 10 minutes when you’re a #workingmom.”

The mom of two showed herself breastfeeding during the audio test for a TV interview, and then again just a few minutes later, in a different outfit on-air on MSNBC. The multitasking mama revealed what most of our coworkers or managers don’t ever see, especially as we work remotely. That is, unless we get an interruption from our little ones (like, for example, on MSNBC last month, when Masha Gessen was interrupted by two kiddos and a dog).

After the photos went viral, Nayyera followed up with what became one of the most refreshing Twitter threads.

We love that she gave credit to all the reasons this shot was possible—especially her employer’s maternity leave and her mom, who was taking care of her little one. Without a supportive, flexible employer, giving 100 percent to both being a mother and an employee is near impossible. It’s no wonder that recent surveys show that at least a quarter of working parents will have to quit their jobs due to school closures amidst the pandemic.

Nayyera also nailed the biggest issue of all: “Personal growth and ambition for women shouldn’t be about luck and blessings. Let’s fix the system to create a support network for ALL women.” Women shouldn’t have to choose between a family and a career, especially during a time of global crises.

Employers, if you’re reading this, it’s time to step it up and support working parent employees—it’s the least you can do.


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