Nothing in the world brings more happiness than a birth of a newborn.there is a lot to be done as far newborn care is concerned, so new moms are often get tensed. newborn care, is not as difficult as it sounds.. here are some tips for newborn baby care

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Follow These Top 20 Tips For Newborn Care

  1. Hold your baby right way-when you hold your newborn baby, her head should rest on your arm.and your hand should support the spine of your newborn.use your other hand to feed.
  2. Self-hygiene- make sure you always wash your hand before you pick up your baby.you should always ware fresh clean cloths to avoid any infection or allergies.
  3. Don’t shake your newborn vigorously- shaking your baby can also lead to brain injuries. if you are trying to put her to sleep instead of shaking you just rock her gently from side to side.
  4. Check the diaper-you should check the diaper every 2to 3hour. if you keep your baby on with a solid diaper, it can lead to diaper rashes
  5. Skin to skin contact with your newborn-  give your baby enough skin to skin contact to feel your warmth.
  6. Bathing- you should give a gentle sponge bath to your newborn baby, till the umbilical cord falls off and neval heals.
  7. Developing healthy sleep pattern- newborn baby sleeps for the most part of the day but unpredictable duration.you can overcome this.play a lot with your baby during daytime and keep your baby’s room bright as much as you can.
  8. Helps baby to latch- become a new mother we are facing difficulties to latching our baby.you should help your baby to latch with patience support and time..once your baby is latching well, he or she will be able to feed easily.
  9. Keep your baby awake during feeding -If your baby falls asleep while feeding it does not mean that their tummy is filled..you should massage their back of the ears while feeding.this will produce a sensation in them and prevent from falling asleep…
  10. Baby burps- burping is necessary as it is. Sign of good digestion.the best burping position is the mother’s shoulder. just pat for your baby’s back for sometimes and you will be good to go.
  11. Dressing – your baby needs more coverage and protection than you.but you should avoid covering your baby in too many layers.
  12. Diapering – nowadays doctors are advised to use cloth nappies for the 20 to 30 days. if you see at least 15 nappies getting wait per day then that’s an indication that your baby feeding well.
  13. Don’t be rough to your baby-  be patience to your baby.remember one thing that your newborn is not ready for tough play.
  14. Talk to your newborn-talking to your baby it helps to develop their brain growth, and helps your baby to pick up words faster.it also helps to bond better relationship with your baby.
  15. Feed on demand– proper feed and sleep that’s only two things that your newborn baby needs. your baby will be called out for a feed every two to three hour. if your baby has been sleeping for a long time wake her up to offer a feed.
  16. Sooth your crying baby – crying is considered an important phenomenon .but it also unwise to keep our baby in tears.crying is also a way of telling you that something was wrong with her.
  17. Clean your baby’s room – always keep your newborn baby’s room clean.
  18. Reach doctor immediately when need-  never try to self-medicate because anything can affect at any time with your little one. you should not leave anything to chance when it comes to your baby.
  19. Never leave your baby unattended-  you never know when your baby roll over even as early as 2to 3 months..never leave your baby alone in bed.
  20. Keep soft toy away- to avoid any accident keep soft toy away from your baby.soft toys fur is allergic for your baby.

This all about newborn care which I learned from my experience.


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