Tips on How To Raise a Smart Preschool Kid


Smart Preschooler

Below are tips on how to raise your preschool child to prepare him or her for school, optimize his intellectual development, making him a smart kid:

    • Make nurturing your preschool child a priority. Kids whose mothers are more nurturing during the preschool years compared to later in childhood have more robust growth in brain structures associated with learning, memory and stress response than kids with less supporting moms, according to research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
    • Even if your child is going to school, keep teaching him at home through everyday experiences. Encourage his curiosity and the love of learning.
    • Studies show that success in school comes from families who values ALL kinds of learning – not just scientific, but also artistic, for example.
    • When a child dresses himself and chooses his own clothes, he is practicing a little independence.  Giving your child an opportunity to make choices builds his self-confidence and decision-making skills, which are important for his development.
  • Being in the same room with your child is not the same as spending quality time with him.
  • A well-developed executive function is an important factor in academic success. “Executive function” refers to those neurologically based skills that involve mental control and self-regulation. A child with a well-developed executive function can manage tasks like writing a paper or completing homework on time without much difficulty. She has the ability to control her impulses so that she stays focused and attains her goal. Developing executive function in your child involves rewarding him when he overrides his impulses, and making him do routines and chores.
  • It is important to encourage your child, but do not push him too hard.  Being able to choose what he wants to play with gives him a feeling of having control over his life and gives him self-confidence.
  • When a child has too much control over his parents, he becomes more unhappy and fearful.  He doesn’t want the responsibility.  He is much happier and more secure when you set limits and rules.  Be firm with your kid.  It’s your job to be the adult.
  • Send a clear message to your child that your child’s primary job is going to school. During the school week, the family’s number one priority is your kid’s schooling.
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