This Pancake Pan Turns Breakfast Into Fun Zoo Animals and You Know Your Kids Need It


We love our waffles and waffle makers here on Kids Activities Blog. From Lego to Minions, 3D vehicles to the Avengers, we need all of them. But pancakes deserve their due too, and this Nordic Ware Zoo Friends Pancake Pan is on our list of things to buy.

What could be cuter than pancakes with animal faces imprinted right on the pancake? They could be the perfect weekend breakfast or for a special back-to-school breakfast.

Nordic Ware Zoo Friends Pancake Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

The Nordic Ware Zoo Friends Pancake Pan is made with a non-stick surface to make flipping pancakes clean up much easier. Each pan consists of PFOA-free nonstick coated cast aluminum and is safe on gas or electric stoves.

Zoo Friends Pancakes on Plate
Courtesy of Amazon

Each of the seven pancakes features a different zoo animal, which is sure to keep your kids smiling. There’s a giraffe, lion, monkey, lion, alligator, hippo, and rhino. All of your favorite zoo animals will be on your breakfast plate.

Zoo Friends Pancakes on Plate on Table
Courtesy of Amazon

Even better, the pan will work with any of your favorite pancake recipes. Whether it’s a classic batter or one with chocolate chips or fruit pieces in it, you’ll have 7 perfect pancake in each batch. Plain batter will show each animal imprint better, so you may want to add fruit and other toppings on the side for kids to add on their own.

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The Nordic Ware Zoo Friends Pancake Pan is available on Amazon for $38.32 currently. Nordic Ware also has Smiley Faces, Autumn Leaves, Snowflakes, and Holiday themed pans if you’re looking for the perfect fit for your kitchen.



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