This Mom Put Cheerios In A Blender To Make Edible Sand For Her Baby and It Is Genius


Babies love to explore — and that includes using their mouths to taste just about everything. That’s one of the reasons why this mom’s idea for edible sand is so genius.

Make an edible sand pit using blended cheerios. Source: Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine

How to Make Edible Sand

This is such an easy sensory activity for babies, and one that will entertain them for hours. I wish I had thought of it when my kids were younger!

As Elle Anna Christine — a mom in Illinois — shared on TikTok, simply take some plain Cheerios and turn them into a fine consistency using a blender. Since Cheerios are beige colored, the crushed up cheerios even look like sand.

Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine

Tada! Baby now has edible sand to play with. While that alone is genius, the mom also shared that she put the “sand” in a container, added in some beach toys, and voila, baby has a safe (and edible) sand pit to play with.

The baby got to explore the texture of the “sand,” and play with the toys, all while keeping busy. What a great way to entertain little ones!

Since the sand is actually Cheerios, parents don’t have to worry if the baby eats some of it too. As the video shows, the baby does try to eat some — along with trying out the toys too. After all, babies will be babies.

Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine

And what about when baby goes to the beach for the first time? Sure, they may try the “sand” — I know my kids did once upon a time — but they’ll learn rather quick that it’s not the same thing! In the meantime, they can play — and “eat” — as much Cheerio sand as they want.

As Elle also pointed out, “I live in Illinois so no sand around sadly.”

For more edible sensory activities, check out this edible play dough.

Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine



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