This Hilarious Instagram Account Shows What Barbie Would Look Like in Quarantine


We’ve seen astronaut Barbie, robotics engineer Barbie and even presidential Barbie—but now, one woman is tweaking the Mattel classic to be the ultimate sign of our times: Quarantine Barbie.

Tonya Ruiz, a collector, former model and Barbie enthusiast, shared her hilarious series of Quarantine Barbies on her Instagram, @GrandmaGetsReal, and they’re too damn relatable. From binge-watching to Zoom calls to “Will I Ever Wear Jeans Again?” Barbies, this granny nailed it. Here are a few of our favorites.

Tonya’s also made some inspiring dolls of our pandemic heroes. Though they aren’t for sale, the now-viral quarantine Barbie series has brought the Orange County-based grandma up to over 75,000 Instagram followers.

If you didn’t see a Barbie you can relate to, don’t worry, Mama. Tonya is creating a work-from-home mom Barbie due to fan requests, ScaryMommy reports. Thanks for the laughs, Tonya. We need them.


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