This Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll Comes with Rainbow Hair and Unicorn and Mermaid Outfits


It’s no secret that the Kids Activities team loves all things rainbow, unicorns and mermaids. And combine those three into one item? We love it even more. That’s why we are really loving the Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll!

Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll and Accessories
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This all new Barbie doll features the everyone’s favorite fashion doll with gorgeous rainbow hair. Even better, the doll comes with both unicorn and mermaid clothes and accessories!

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The Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll comes with extra long hair, perfect for styling. The blond hair reaches to the doll’s knee level and is streaked with pastel pinks and blues, along with a few gold glitter strands.

The included outfits add even more to the hair options and coordinate with the base silver dress the doll is wearing.

Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll with unicorn t-shirt and crown
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The unicorn clothes and accessories include a lavender unicorn head band with extra pink, yellow, and purple hair extensions attached. There’s also a unicorn t-shirt for Barbie and a hair barrette.

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The mermaid set includes a seashell studded head band crown with long turquoise extensions for an under the sea themed outfit, along with a mermaid t-shirt and seashell barrette.

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There’s also a brush and hair elastic bands, so kids can style Barbie’s hair. Barbie even has two different pairs of shoes to help change her look and large purple earrings.

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The Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll is available on Amazon for $17.79, as a blonde or as a brunette.

Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll in box
Courtesy of Amazon


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