These Washable Storage Bags for Produce Are Superior to Single-Use Plastic


Rather than relying on disposable baggies at the grocery store, haul fruits and veggies in any of these. In materials such as polyester or muslin, they’ll safely take your items from produce section, to checkout lane, to home. Suds them up at the sink or put them in your washing machine when they get grimy.

No Surprises Here

The mesh allows you and your cashier to see what’s inside, so there’s no confusion when scanning. With a drawstring enclosure, you can quickly access or secure the contents.


These breathable cloth bags are also ideal for nuts, grains and bread. Each has a removable tag for labeling and is 100 percent biodegradable.

Great Mix

For the most options, try this pack, with three sizes of bags in cotton canvas and mesh. Also included is a netted tote, which you can use to carry lots of produce from the store or farmers market.


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