The Best Pop-Up Beach Tents for No-Fuss Fun in the Sun


Yes, beach essentials include sunscreen, towels and a sand-free chair. But if a pop-up tent isn’t part of your arsenal, add one. They conveniently fold up with all your beach gear and open and close with just a touch, providing a little oasis to protect your family from the sun—and offering some privacy too. They’re so light and portable that you can keep one in your car so it’s always there for last-minute beach trips. Here are a few of our favorite easy, breezy havens.

Quick Setup

Up to three adults or four children can sit inside all at once. No beach? No problem—use at the park or even in your backyard.

Oversize Design

This tent features mesh windows for ventilation (and feeling the sea breeze). It’s also windproof with two sand pockets, four detachable sandbags and four fixed tent pegs to keep it steady.

Stays Cool Inside

The tent’s special silver-coated fabric protects from sun rays, while the interwoven mesh keeps the temperature down. It lets your family linger outside safely a little longer.


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