If you’re looking for activities the whole family can enjoy, matching games are one of the best options. Not only can everyone join in the fun—especially younger children who may not be reading yet—but they provide great stimulation for kids (and parents!) of all ages. The games keep players alert, improve concentration and, of course, promote memory power. Here’s some of the most family-oriented ones to consider.

The beauty of matching games is once kids get the hang of it by playing with the family, they can keep playing by themselves. And that solo play helps increase their overall attention to detail.

Matching games improve concentration, which is key for developing early reading skills. Look for games that match letters to boost the confidence of new readers.

The beauty of matching games is they don’t take much time—most take five minutes for kids to learn and 15 minutes to play. Which makes it easy to play over and over—repetition is the best tool for building memory.


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