Target Is Selling Indoor Fort Kits So Your Kids Can Build The Fort Of Their Dreams


Your kids can take fort building to the next level this summer!

While outside forts are always fun, rainy or excessively hot days mean that indoor play is necessary. And this Cabin Fantasy Fort Indoor Building Kit is the perfect idea to create an amazing indoor play area for your kids.

Courtesy of HearthSong

Each HearthSong Cabin Fantasy Fort Kit comes with sixteen (16) 22-inch square cardboard panels, made with sturdier cardboard to withstand kid play.

Courtesy of HearthSong

The panels are created to look like faux wood for a traditional fort feel and attach to each other with plenty of hook and loop connectors. Each panel has loops on all sides in order to make the most of your creations.

Courtesy of HearthSong

Build tall forts, wide forts, add a peaked roof! Whatever your kids can dream of, they can create with this fort kid, then recreate when their vision changes.

Even better, the flat pieces can disassemble easily and store flat, so your fort can be moved from room to room and place to place.

Courtesy of HearthSong

The Cabin Fantasy Fort Indoor Building Kit retails for just $49.97 at Target and definitely provides so much more in creative play options for your kids.

Courtesy of HearthSong



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