Sweeten Family Time with an Electric Ice Cream Maker


Whether you pick out flavors at the grocery store or regularly visit the local shop, if your family bonds over ice cream, it’s time to try the homemade kind. The old-school process can feel daunting, but an electric ice cream maker actually makes it easy. Here’s what to look for so you can make enough to feed your whole family and start experimenting with flavor combos, textures and more!

Toppings Galore

Are you a family that goes beyond just plain chocolate or vanilla flavored ice cream? Make sure your machine features a large ingredient spout so you can easily add and mix in toppings of your choice.

Less Mess

It can be hard to find the storage to save your sweet creations. That’s why it’s great when an ice cream maker comes with a lid that fits over the canister for holding onto leftovers.

Super Fast

Looking to speed up the process even more? This mixing paddle takes less than 20 minutes to get frozen treats ready. And the double-insulated freezer bowl means skipping the step of adding ice.


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