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I’m annoyed. No, more like pissed. I think we parents have all been very patient… we went along with things when they cancelled school for a month and then the rest of the school year, we waited patiently these last few weeks of summer, and now we’re coming upon the new school year, and what’s the plan??

*Cue crickets chirping*

Because we have a grandparent living with us, we’re not sending our son back. So, what are our options? As of right now, we’d be forced to formally “homeschool,” meaning pulling our son out of the school board and embarking on teaching him completely solo. There’s an entire homeschooling system… I think. But I don’t know for sure. Because I don’t know if I have to go this route. In order toqualify for virtual learning, we need a doctor’s note. In other words, it’s not our choice, irregardless of whether or not we feel safe about sending our kids back.

*Cue crickets chirping*

I have three weeks to figure out my entire nine months of homeschooling. Um… if that’s the case, the bean won’t be starting school until October. I have to rearrange schedules and work and routines. And what if their plan only comes out in two weeks??

*Cue crickets chirping and me having an anxiety attack*

Am I buying school supplies as per his class list because he’ll be learning with his class from home and will need said supplies? And if I’m homeschooling on my own, well, then I know I have all the supplies I need and will save my money.

So, so many questions.

I know this must be no easy feat for our education system – figuring out the logistics of everything in the midst of a pandemic is INSANELY OVERWHELMING for them. I totally get it. But it’s been weeks. Er, months. There should be a better, more concise plan in place. And a backup plan for that plan. I’m starting to get restless over here.

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