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Oh my goodness I want to shop!! I want to walk around a mall, ANY mall, even the crappy ones with just as many kiosks as there are stores. I want to buy senseless things I don’t need and come home and open the packaging and not have to wipe it all down with bleach first. I want to eat in the food court and pee in a public washroom and rub shoulders as crowds pass me. I want to smell Laura Secord’s waffle cones and Starbucks brews, and even that weird smell that comes from the pretzel place (what is that?!)

I want to buy groceries, an errand I always loathed, and not send my husband to the store armed with a list that he truly does his best on (but inevitably forgets certain things). I want to see “NEW” written on a package and buy it just because. I want to try samples. I want to see that friendly cashier I always gab with.

I want a Tim Horton’s coffee… like, bad. I forget how real outside-world coffee tastes. My caffeine quota is still being met with half-rate instant (because my coffee machine has had its day), but I think I’m starting to forget what good coffee is supposed to taste like.

I want to hug my mom. And my best friend. And hold on really tight. And lie my head down on their shoulder for just a moment.

I want to drive over a bridge. I want to be stuck in traffic. I want to yell at the Benz that cut me off on Decarie. And dammit, I want my one office day back at The Suburban Newspaper! I want to see my colleagues and eat lunch out of a Tupperware.

I want to plan a trip somewhere. Anywhere. I’ll even settle on a staycation downtown like we enjoyed right before the lockdown.

I want to do our annual spring garbage pickup at the school and around the neighbourhood. Garbage is terrifying now.

I know I can’t. I technically could do a bunch of these things (go get groceries and pick up a to-go coffee), but I won’t. It’s not worth it. My husband, unfortunately, has to work almost every single day, so he’s the one doing the household’s errands (not to mention groceries for other family members and neighbours), and that’s allowed me and my son to stay completely isolated. We will continue to do so.

So for now, I will just have to settle into my new normal and my instant coffee. However, I’m doing every single thing on this list when this whole debacle ends!

A full-time work-from-home mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.


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