I love me a Halloween craft!

As someone who regularly crafts with kids I’m not sure there’s a single holiday more fun than Halloween for making with little ones.

Costumes, decorations, oh my!  This simple and affordable craft isn’t just fun to make, it’s also a super cute decoration. I think I want to make a whole bunch of them and have an entire mini haunted village on my mantle.

These mini haunted houses were designed for kids to create, although I must admit I had just as much fun as my preschooler. So I encourage you to get in on the crafty goodness, you and your kiddos are sure to have a spooktacular time!

{Halloween Craft!} Mini Haunted Houses

Halloween Craft - Mini Haunted Houses

What You’ll Need to Create Mini Haunted Houses

30 Days of Halloween Fun Calendar

How to Make Mini Haunted Houses

  1. First paint your whole house black.
  2. Let it dry! While you are waiting you can use up that black paint, creating some spooky paintings on paper.
  3. Now use the white paint to create ghost shapes, spider webs, and spooky eyes peeking out of the darkness.
  4. Once the white paint is dry you can add the final details. Using more black paint or a black marker, add eyes and a mouth to your ghosts.
  5. Now you’re all ready to decorate for Halloween!

halloween craft

Make one, two, or a whole village worth of creepy mini haunted houses! Your table or mantle will be the spookiest (and cutest) in the land. I hope you have as much fun as we did with this Halloween craft!

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