Some Benefits Of Cloth Diapers For Your Newborn# Why You Should Make a Switch To It


When we enter motherhood, we have to start thinking about our little one, besides us. Choosing the right kind of diapers is also a big decision. As a new mother, I knew that there were only two types of diapers. One is traditional cloth diapers, which have to be changed after every pee and the other one is disposable diapers (like Huggies, pampers etc. ).
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What are Disposable Diapers?
Most of us nowadays are using Disposable diapers. Disposable diaper makes things more convenient for us. Disposable one is a plastic base and would not be recycled for hundreds of years

What are the Cloth Diapers? –
Now I am getting from a reliable source that, there exists a perfect combination of both traditional cloth and disposable diaper. That is 100% cloth and gives a stay dry feel too. when I knew that I feel I had to get them.

Some Benefits Of Cloth Diapers For Your Newborn

  • Pocket-friendly- First of all it is cheaper than a disposable one. A disposable diaper costs us 9 to 10 /piece.  the cost gets up as the size increases. If you use 5000 diapers till potty training, you spend around 45000 to 50000 on disposable one. whereas cloth diapers cost you on an average 500 to 800. This means you will be spending only around 7000 to 10000.
  • Clothes – Your little one’s skin is very soft and sensitive also. When you put to a plastic disposable diaper, your baby could be uncomfortable and it can also cause rashes to your baby’s skin. but cloth diapers material is skin friendly…
  • Eco-friendly-  disposable plastic diapers are not at all eco-friendly. you will need 4000 to 5000 disposable diapers till your baby actually potty trained.on the other hand, you will need around 15 to 20 cloth diapers, which is completely washable and you can reuse it’s completely eco-friendly.
  • Easy maintenance – cloth diapers are easy to wash.they can be easily washed by machine or hand.
  • Makes potty training easier– This point is quite controversial. some parents claim that potty training is easier for cloth diapered baby.
  • Such cute prints-  This one is my personal favorite. when I saw the prints, I get tempted to buy each one of them.all the prints of cloth diapers are so cute and attractive too.

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Besides of all the cloth diapers contains no chemical gels to keep all the stuff inside.


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