Just about every kid I know absolutely adores Baby Shark everything! Here at Kids Activities Blog we love taking every opportunity to either practice a school lesson or help our kids work on their fine motor skills activities.

That’s why we made this super adorable and super easy Baby Shark Puzzle!

Baby Shark Puzzle
Baby Shark fans can use anything to color this puzzle: markers, markers, even watercolor!

Baby Shark Puzzle To Color

The best part about this Baby Shark Puzzle is that your kid can color it in before cutting it into pieces!

You can make your own crayons to make this puzzle even more unique, or you can actually get these Baby Shark crayons!

Whatever method your kid prefers, we know it will end looking adorable.

Baby Shark Puzzle Printable
This iconic song came out in 2016 and it’s stayed in our heads ever since!

I recommend laminating this printable after coloring it, that way it will laste longer!

Another affordable option if you don’t have a laminator, is to print and cut it out, and then paste it into a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper.

Baby Shark Coloring pages
We hope you enjoy this Baby Shark Puzzle as much as we do!

Download here:

Check out more of our Baby Shark Printables!

Want more Baby Shark?

Here are some Baby Shark products we are sure you’ll love!

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