A tower ofSalted Oreo Cookie Bars with 4 pretzles and a square of chocolate balanced on them

I am a huge fan of Rice Krispies Treats and have made many alternatives in the past including chocolate chips or M&M in them or drizzling chocolate on top of them and sprinkles. You name it, I have done it with rice krispies but this time I took the rice krispies out but kept the concept of the recipe the same using crushed oreo cookies. I wasn’t sure how the frosted middle of the cookies would mix with melted marshmallow. It turned out perfect. They were a little sticky but the day I made these it was over a 100 degrees f so that does’t help. I love anything salted so I added pretzels and drizzled sea salted melted chocolate on top to finish it off. The combination of the crunch from the pretzels and sea salt really add flavor to the oreo cookie and marshmallow mixture as well as texture.

A square of chocolate with 4 pretzels underneath

When To Serve Salted Oreo Cookie Bars

As if you really need an occasion for a tray bake right?! I can see myself making these for a kids party or even a BBQ treat back in the UK. The kids loved them as much as they do my other rice krispies treat alternatives. You can really crush up any cookie and put it in this recipe and add anything on top. Just like all my recipes here on Let’s Talk Mommy, they are fast, easy, and always have alternatives for you to try.

They are not just for kids though. I don’t know many grown up thats would turn these down, and they would be perfect for coffee with friends or even packaged up as a cute gift on a birthday or at Christmas.

Salted Oreo Cookie Bars Recipe

Salted Oreo Cookie Bars Recipe

an alternative to Rice Krispy treats using Oreo cookies

Author Let’s Talk Mommy


  • 400
    mini marshmallows
  • 1/4
    unsalted butter
  • 500
    oreo cookies
  • 20
    mini pretzels
  • 1
    bar sea salted chocolate candy bar
    I used ghirardelli


  1. Break Oreo cookies in a large bowl into small chunks

  2. Grease 9×9 baking dish with lots of butter

  3. In microwave safe bowl, melt all marshmallows and 1/4 cup butter together

  4. In 30 second intervals and stirring in between until smooth

  5. Quickly add Oreo cookie chunks into marshmallow and combine

  6. Pour mixture into greased pan and press down with a greased spatula until flat

  7. The mixture will start to get hard quickly so place your pretzels where you want and lightly press down so they stick into the mixture before it hardens

  8. Melt down your sea salted chocolate bar in the microwave, slowly so it doesn’t burn

  9. Drizzle over your bars before or after you cut them in squares, either way works

Recipe Notes

Don’t like pretzels leave them out or use crushed nuts on top for an alternative flavor. Want to make it less salty use normal milk chocolate and leave off the pretzels.

Salted oreo cookie bars stacked on greaseproof paper, with 2 forks

Salted Oreo Cookie Bars Recipe Tips

Move Fast

As the cookie bar mixture starts to cool it will set really fast. Make sure you get it spread in to your dish as quick as possible so you have time to press the whole pretzels in to the top.

Don’t Touch The Mixture With Your Hands

The hardest part of this is keeping your hands clean and trying not to eat and lick your fingers along the way. It’s especially hard when you are trying to eat good but worth it when you want a delicious snack. The mixture is very sticky and once it’s on your fingers you’ll be too tempted to just have a taste. Use spatulas to get the cookie mix out of the bowl and in to your dish.

Store Them In The Fridge

Gooey and soft might sound good in theory, but if it’s hot out it can make them a bit too soft to eat without making a mess. Store your Oreo cookie bars in the fridge until you need them and then they’re be perfect for when you’re ready.

A tray of Salted Oreo Cookie Bars

Don’t have time to try to whip up a batch, why not pin these for later. I made a lovely pinnable one below for you. If you do try it out, I would love to see your creation and know what you think of my combination of salt and oreo cookies? Tag me on Twitter or Instagram and I will be sure to share.

More Cookie Recipes

Prefer an actual cookie to a cookie bar? Don’t worry – try one of these recipe:


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