This Patriotic Paper Windsock craft is perfect for summer! Kids can make them to decorate a porch, patio, or even a room inside their home for the 4th of July. When the windsocks aren’t serving as a seasonal decoration, they are fun for kids to hold while they run through the yard. It’s fun to see the streamers ride the wind!

Patriotic Paper Windsock

Patriotic Paper Windsock

This craft couldn’t be simpler! Needing only basic craft supplies and tape, kids can make many in any color they wish.

Materials and Directions: (affiliate links are included in this post) 

After gathering the supplies, invite your child to decorate their paper with star stickers.

Optional: Invite your child to color stars and stripes with markers instead of using stickers.

Patriotic Paper Windsock

Flip the paper over, then tape red, white, and blue streamers to the back.

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Patriotic Paper Windsock

Pull the paper together into a cylinder shape with the stars facing the outside. Tape down the “seam” of the windsock, reinforcing the edges with extra tape.

Patriotic Paper Windsock

Last, tape a ribbon to the inside of the paper windsock so your child can hold it.

Patriotic Paper Windsock

We hung our patriotic paper windsocks on the pergola and patio. They looked perfect for our celebration and the kids had a blast with them!

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Did the kids enjoy making this fun patriotic craft? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.


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