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Threading pasta is a very easy activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers to help improve their fine motor skills. We have taken it one step further and made some pasta structures. Not only are you helping develop those fine motor skills, but it also helps them express their creativity.

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To make your own pasta structures you will need:

  • Pasta of various sizes
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Food colouring/paint
  • Styrofoam*

*I saved up some Styrofoam from a parcel. If you don’t have any, then a cardboard box will work, you may just need to help push the wire into it.

Start out by colouring your pasta. Put pasta into a Tupperware container with a few drops of colouring or paint, then I shake it until it is all covered. Place it on a tray to dry. This can take a while to completely dry, so I tend to do it the day before I need it. If you store it correctly then this pasta can last for years and be used in lots of different sensory activities. Some of the macaroni pasta we used was made up 7 years ago!

Pre cut some wire into various lengths.

pasta structures

For the actually activity I set out the Styrofoam, wire and pasta in a tray. YC and BB could pick their wire, stick onside into the block, thread the pasta, and finally twist the wire into their desired shape.

Although these pasta structures are aimed at 2-4 years old, older children may want to get involved with it too. YC had great fun making her own version of those toys were you push balls around metal wires.

If you enjoyed making these pasta structures be sure to check out my pipe cleaner and colander activity, pipette activity for toddlers and geo-board.

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Pasta structures for helping develop fine motor skills in toddlers and pre-schoolers


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