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In these crazy times, we all have a responsibility to stay home. Practicing self-isolation and social distancing is the only way we will limit the spread of the Coronavirus and support our health care system. If we want the world to heal, we must all do our part and take this very seriously.

That said, sitting at home can be tricky for many of us who are used to speeding through our hectic lives.

So, here are 55 things you can do during self-isolation:

  1. Spring clean your entire house
  2. Declutter – for inspiration, watch “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, or read about Kondo’s tidying tips here
  3. DIY/Revamp old clothes
  4. Read, read and read some more
  5. Try new recipes – baking or cooking
  6. Learn a new skill – YouTube is a great place to do this. You can also try SkillShare which has many videos for professional development
  7. Follow a livestream fitness class – many fitness center and studios are hosting LIVE videos everyday
  8. Dance – like no one is watching, of course
  9. Do yoga and/or stretch
  10. Go for long walks and/or runs
  11. Listen to a podcast – there are podcasts for every topic imaginable. I’m sure you will find one that you like! Some of my favorites are “The Drawing Bored Podcast” and “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk.” I highly recommend both for motivation and inspiration.
  12. Journal – we’re living in a crazy time. Write out feelings and thoughts about the whole situation. It’ll be interesting to read back in the future!
  13. Paint – materials required: paint, paint brush, paper, and a whole lot of CREATIVITY. Rules: NONE
  14. Binge-watch a new TV show – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+… These will surely help your days go by!
  15. Have a movie day – Choose a theme, and watch movies all. day. long
  16. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs, and then have a dance party
  17. Plan around with makeup – try and experiment with different looks
  18. Write a book – a children’s book, a teen romance, a murder-mystery… the options are endless
  19. DIY a board game – take a game that you already own, but never play. Then, make new rules and revamp the board
  20. Try bullet journaling – in the last year, this has become a huge trend. The problem for many: it is too time-consuming. Well, not that you have the time, give it a try!
  21. Build a fort – why the heck not!
  22. Watch YouTube videos – you know all those videos in your “watch later” on YouTube? Now’s that time.
  23. Make a puzzle
  24. Play cards with your housemates
  25. Sketch and/or draw
  26. Meditate – try different types of mediation
  27. Become a master at a certain subject (how to start a business, astrology, plant-based diets, dolphins and their habitat… as you can see, it can really be anything!)
  28. Start a blog – write about things you’re passionate about
  29. Try a challenge – no social media for a day, daily meditation, makeup-free for a week, no coffee for the month…and you can even document your experience for others
  30. Learn a new language – Duolingo is a helpful app for this
  31. Have a spa-day – face masks, bubble baths, hair treatments… all the above
  32. Do a digital declutter – clear out clutter off your phone, your computer, your social media, etc.
  33. Write a letter to someone you love – reaching out on social media is amazing and easy, but there is something special about a hand-written note
  34. Write a letter to your younger self and/or future self
  35. Make a dream board – what do you want your year, or your next few years to look like?
  36. Rearrange a room in your house
  37. Have FaceTime parties with your friends
  38. Budget your finances
  39. Scrapbook – have an event that recently passed? Turn it into a scrapbook and include all your favorite photos and mementos
  40. Try new hairstyles
  41. Learn a choreography online, or make your own dance sequence to your favorite song
  42. Explore the world through Google Maps – sounds boring, but it’s actually quite entertaining and passes the time!
  43. Make your own Ted-Talk – passionate or knowledgeable about an issue? Become a motivational speaker for the day and record yourself doing a “Ted-Talk”
  44. Make some DIYs or crafts – Pinterest will be your best friend for this
  45. Plan your dream vacation – one day you’ll make it happen!
  46. Play with your pets
  47. Look at old photos and home videos
  48. Set goals and create action plans
  49. Write a poem
  50. Try nail art, or just simply paint your nails
  51. Catch up on sleep
  52. Learn an instrument – have a piano or guitar sitting in your closet? Now is the time to learn a simple song or two
  53. Write a song
  54. Make a bucket list
  55. Check in with friends and family – self-isolation can take a toll on our mental health. Stay connected through phone calls, FaceTime chats and messaging

Do you have any other ideas?

Remember, quarantining is extremely important, and it can save lives. Hopefully these ideas make it a little easier to stay inside.

Wishing everyone a lot of health!

-Melissa xo

My name is Melissa Migueis and I am a student at Dawson College in the profile Cinema-Communications. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, being active and keeping a healthy mindset! Oh, and you can always find me somewhere in nature!


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