Meal Prep Containers to Make Your Week a Breeze


Weekly meal prep is a game changer. It helps eliminate spending on costly takeout, encourages healthful eating and enables a more mindful approach to portion control. It all starts with the right meal prep containers. Here’s what to consider in a set so your family can experience the convenience of lunch on the go or no-fuss dinners.

Glass containers are great because they’re dishwasher and microwave safe. (Without the lids, these are oven safe too!) They also typically won’t hold onto strong flavors or stain after use.

Plastic containers are an easy option if you’re commuting and want something lightweight to transport your food. While they’re easy to clean, they’re disposable if needed too.

If on the go, be mindful of how your containers are stored before eating. On cool days, meals can stay safe without an ice pack for 3 to 4 hours. On warmer days, consider placing your container in an insulated bag for freshness.


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