Magnetic Chore Charts To Teach Kids Responsibility


Assigning your kids household chores is a rite of passage, though it’s likely to be met with eye rolling and resistance. A way to make it more fun: Implement a chore chart, so kids can see their daily tasks, feel a sense of accomplishment when they mark them as done, and even work toward a reward. Here are some magnificent magnetic chore charts to keep your family motivated and on task.

Encourages Good Behavior

Younger kids might not be ready for true chores—but they are ready to learn their behavior has consequences. Look for a chart with spaces for checking off good manners too.


Sometimes there’s more than traditional chores to track. A chart that includes dry erase markers makes it easier to update weekly responsibilities—such as homework assignments and appointments.

Keeps Kids Motivated

Set a goal each week in order to earn a small reward. When kids place a magnet upon completing a chore, they can see in real time how close (or far away) they are from their goal.


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