LinkedIn Staffer Gives Best Advice for Returning from Maternity Leave in COVID Era


Returning to work from maternity leave is always a bit delicate, but during a pandemic it’s downright daunting. Luckily, one mom filtered through all the advice she received and shared her three best tips to help fellow moms navigate the tricky transition in the COVID-19 era.

Ashley (Nerz) Levey, group manager of brand marketing and communications at LinkedIn, kicked off her second week back from maternity leave with a post that includes advice all new working moms could use these days. Here’s what she’s found most helpful:

“1. Don’t wait for colleagues to reach out. People will worry about bombarding you as you settle in, but with office run-ins off the table, that can feel lonely. I found it so helpful to do a casual and quick round of hello’s on Teams and Slack to reestablish my office community.

“2. Stick to your boundaries. I learned quickly how easy it is to work until you parent and then sleep with no break. Now I am being intentional about communicating them with my team so I can get outside during the day and create a break between both jobs.

“3. Escape the bubble … it’s trickier to network and it’s easy to fall into a routine … Push yourself to connect with someone outside your company once a week.”

Ashley accompanied the post with an adorable photo of her older son under her feet at her desk, adding, “P.S. tall desks help hide toddler cameos.”

It’s important this mom of two gave some concrete advice for today’s climate, because while we have plenty of tips on returning to work post-leave, the current circumstances make for a slightly more complex situation. With a newborn to soothe (and sometimes other kiddos running around) while you work full-time in the same space, the transition isn’t any easier than pre-pandemic.

Working moms need all the help we can get these days. Maybe some tips on how to work from home with kids around will help, too. Hang in there, Mama, and thanks for the advice.


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