Learn How To Make These Super Easy DIY Bouncy Balls


Today’s roundup is all about DIY Bouncy Balls, because there is something about those bouncy balls that every child loves. All ages.

There is so many options to play with these homemade bouncy balls that your kids will be occupied for hours.

homemade bouncy balls

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Why homemade bouncy balls?

  1. You can control and be fully be in charge of the ingredients you put it in.
  2. It’s a great science project as well as a super cool DIY project for older kids.
  3. You can easily customize your bouncy balls (color, size, shape and even consistency).
  4. You can make personalized bouncy balls as birthday treats.

homemade bouncy balls

When I was searching for DIY bouncy balls I didn’t expect to find so many different variations of it. Here are the ones I really liked, and that I put it on my to-do list with my kids.

1. Experiment with this homemade bouncy ball. at Kids Activities Blog

2. Super colorful and pretty bouncy balls. Best bouncing performance guaranteed. via The 36th Avenue

3. Can it get any cooler? Glowing bouncy balls. via Growing a Jeweled Rose

4. Who said bouncy balls can’t be made from hair looms? As long as it bounces, right? And this DIY bouncy ball does bounce. via 733 Blog

5. Want a 100% fail proof bouncy ball that your kids can make at home? Try making these bouncy balls! via Mama Smiles

activities with bouncy balls

Bouncy balls are not only for bouncing

6. Bouncy balls can also roll. Check out this Homemade Marbled Bouncy Balls & DIY Ramp. via I can teach my child

7. How about a bouncy ball machine to play with all those bouncy balls you made. Invent a Bouncy Ball Machine. via Inspirational Laboratories

8. A perfect sensory play with bouncy balls for a baby. via House of Burke

9. Make a super bouncy ball that really bounces high. It’s a jumbo one. via Totally the Bomb

10. This bouncy ball is not your typical one. However it’s a great way to teach your kids some chemistry and get excited about brushing their teeth more often. via How wee Learn

11. Have a ball art with Thomas and Friends. via Crayon Box Chronicles

Some helpful tips about DIY Bouncy Balls

  • Most of the homemade bouncy balls are made with BORAX, which is not edible and is toxic, so watch the little ones carefully when they making or playing with the balls.
  • These balls are homemade so they won’t be bouncing everywhere at the same height. Kids will have to experiment and find the best bouncing spots for their DIY balls. I promise, this part is fun.
  • After done playing, make sure to store these bouncy balls in the Ziploc bags and put it in the fridge. Keep it there until the kids are ready to play again.

diy bouncy balls

Some More Fun DIY Crafts:

Did your kids enjoy these fun activities? Let us know in the comments down below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.


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