Kids’ Plush Pillows That Double as Decor and Nighttime Cuddlers


Plush pillows are key to creating a cozy, comforting environment for kids of all ages. As decor, they’re a great marker of self expression because kids choose the colors, objects or characters that speak to them. For comfort, they come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for extra support during reading time, playtime and of course naptime. And for a sense of security at night, these pillows make the perfect companion.

Baby Love

For babies just discovering the world, a small plush pillow with a soft texture is a safe addition to their nursery. If they really get attached, a 19-inch by 14-inch size is easy to take on the go.

Glow On

Whether your child has a fear of the dark or just prefers the comfort of a nightlight, a light-up pillow is a bright idea. It’ll make everything feel safe in their world as they’re lulled to sleep.

Gamer Guy

No matter the character your kid loves most, a cuddly, oversize pillow version is a wanted addition. Whether there for extra smiles or a sleeping aid, a child can never have too many “friends.”


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