Is Solar eclipse harmful during pregnancy (Science vs Astrology) #Do’s and Don’t’s during solar eclipse


We are indian… Some of us follow indian culture right! In indial culture a Solar eclipse is regarded as a very bad omen.. There is no scientific reason or backing of the so called evil effects, thats can be caused by solar eclipse…

But there also have many religious and astrological believes regarding the eclipses,which we found long time in india.. And those beliefs concider solar eclipes is harmful for pregnant women and their unborn baby..
Those beliefs in turn, has given birth some do’s and don’t ‘s for the mother to ensure there safety from the bad women of eclipses …

Is Solar eclipse harmful during pregnancy (Science vs Astrology) #Do’s and Don’t’s during solar eclipse

First of all we need to know what is solar eclipse :
  In scientific way –
A solar eclipse is occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth.. As a result it stop the sunlight fully or partially,from reaching the earth..
In astrological way
Astrologicaly a solar eclipse occurs when the sun is shadowed by the “Rahu” and “Ketu”(very powerful planets according to astrology). So that people are said to worry of the ill effects of planetory Positions.

Does solar eclipse harmful for pragnant women and their unborn baby:
Acording to science
If we think scientifically, During pregnancy there is no significant proof of any kinf of harmful effects on pragnant women and their unborn baby..
Acording to astrology
Those who believe in astrology,in astrological Theory there are many bad effects of solar eclipse. And those bad effects may harm a pregnant women,unborn baby..

So they adviced some do’s and don’t’s during solar eclipse.

Do’s and Don’t ‘s during solar eclips :

  • Stay indoors always during eclipse– direct rays of the sun are believed to effect the pragnant women. So they are adviced to stay indoor for the duration of the eclipse. It’s also advised to cover the windows and door with thick curtain. So that no rays entere your home.
  • Bath two times- it is adviced that take a bath before the eclipse begins. And to wash away the harmful effects of the solar eclipse bathing from the head is advised after the eclipse is over.


  • Dont use any Sharp objects –  Using of the any sharp objects (like- knives, middles,pins) should be avoided  by the expecting women. It may harm to your unborn baby
  • Never eat during the eclipse – it is advised that pragnant women must avoid eating during eclipes. It is described to be inauspicious….


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