Inclusion Is the Cornerstone of Intel Culture


Intel is committed to positive global impact through purposeful technology that enriches the lives of every person on Earth. Inclusion is one of the core strategies in creating a more-responsible and sustainable world, enabled through technology and our collective actions. And inclusion is one of the six core values that set the tone of the culture and the expected behaviors from all of Intel’s employees.

Our definition of inclusion is: Recognizing and respecting the worth and dignity of every employee. We strive to build a fair system, allowing each of us to contribute at our full potential. We promote and sustain a sense of belonging, valuing diverse talents, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences to help Intel win.

To fulfill that vision, Inclusion@Intel offers practical resources to guide every employee in their own inclusion journey and encourages them to become active inclusion advocates.

Inclusion@Intel is a global program built for the people and the business of Intel that equips employees at all levels with the knowledge, mindset and skills needed to help themselves and others reach their full potential at work. It is intended to promote inclusive behaviors and provide realistic resources to integrate inclusion into our everyday work.


  • Represents a starting point for inclusion
  • Creates a safe space of trust and authenticity for all
  • Helps build a safe community for everyone at Intel
  • Empowers people to act and provides actionable guidance on how to weave inclusion into their daily work
  • Celebrates wins and creates a clearer link to how inclusion helps us drive business results

This inclusion program was officially launched in January of 2020 and offers a variety of resources around multiple topics related to inclusion, such as: Belonging, Inclusion Acumen and Practices, Allyship, Diversity and Cultural Awareness, Accessibility and Disabilities, LGBT+, Unconscious Bias and Psychological Safety, to name a few. Inclusion@Intel users not only find a short web-based training and self-assessment to kick-start their inclusion pathway, but also a myriad of other learning tools such as podcasts, videos and articles tailored to different approaches to learning. The most important aspect of the program is the opportunity to find a community for everyone, to celebrate each other and empower others.

The web portal has had around 7,000 unique visitors since launch, from more than 20 countries around the globe, of which more than one-third are leaders and managers. The number of visits has increased 10 percent over the past couple of months thanks to key partnerships with other corporatewide programs. The promotion of inclusive events and the use of other newer social media platforms, such as Yammer, have been great ways to open up the dialogue with program enthusiasts.

Stories are powerful. One of the signature components of the program is the ability for everyone to share their personal and professional experiences. Forty-one very different and personal stories from around the globe have been shared so far, with more and more being posted each month. Through these stories, the members of this inclusion community can inspire each other to continue building the most inclusive company on the planet—Intel.


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