How to Read a Thermometer Free Fun Printable & Practice


How to read a thermometer is a basic skill that unlocks the possibilities of describing the weather for kids.

Today we are making a fun practice thermometer so that kids can read the temperature.

How to Read a Thermometer Printable and Practice - Kids Activities Blog

How to Read a Thermometer for Kids

I noticed with my youngest that it can be a little challenging to read a thermometer for two reasons.

  1. In most curriculums, it is brushed over quickly.  The kids practice telling time, counting money, reading a calendar and measuring with a ruler, but identifying the temperature on a thermometer isn’t top priority.
  2. Thermometers vary, but many only have a few actual number identified and use marks to identify the rest.  Some of these marks are for every degree, but the most popular format is a mark for every two degrees Fahrenheit.

Make a Practice Thermometer

How to Read a Thermometer - Printable for Kids

This practice thermometer can be made into a worksheet or a practice tool.

Here is how we made it into something we can use everyday.

How to Read a Thermometer Craft for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Materials Needed for Practice Thermometer:

Print off the thermometer image and cut it out.  Using the glue stick, mat with a piece of left-over scrapbook or construction paper.

Cut the straw to the size of the picture and then glue to paper.

Cut the pipe cleaner 1/2 inch longer than the straw and insert into the straw.

Use the hole punch to create a hanger for the practice thermometer with the ribbon.

Practice Reading the Thermometer

Make a Practice Thermometer - Kids Activities Blog

Now your thermometer is ready for some fun!

  • Have the child set the temperature at a certain degree.
  • Have the child tell you where to place the temperature and then check if you are right…don’t always be right!
  • Display the thermometer in the kitchen and set it everyday with the current temperature.
  • Chart the temperatures for the week on graph paper.
  • Compare the Celsius and Fahrenheit numbers and look at how they differ.

Check out our telling time games and how to make a compass rose for other basic skill learning fun! We also have other fun science activities for kids as well.

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