Independence Day is just around the corner! Craft Stick Fireworks Art is the perfect 4th of July craft for kids. It’s easy, sparkly, and fun!

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

Craft Sticks Fireworks Art

Are you excited to watch the fireworks with your kids? There is nothing better than watching their eyes widen with wonder at the magnificent colors, shapes, and sparkle of fireworks.

Bring the fireworks home with this easy and frugal 4th of July art project for kids! Using craft sticks to make fireworks art develops fine-motor skills with a beautiful end result.

To Make This Craft You Will Need

  • wooden craft sticks
  • paper plate
  • black construction paper
  • paint
  • glitter


Squirt several different colors of paint onto a paper plate.

Invite kids to dip the sides of their craft sticks into the paint.

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

Press the side of the craft stick onto the paper, creating a fireworks shape.

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

Sprinkle the paint with glitter while it is still wet.

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

Shake off excess glitter, then allow the painting to dry completely before hanging it up.

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

Isn’t it pretty? It’s fun to make in a variety of colors…especially red, white, and blue!

Craft Stick Fireworks Art

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