Himalaya Herbal Baby Cream Review # Why Every Moms Should Use It At Least Once


Once you have had your baby,you pile up on the best up stock available out there to make sure your baby gets the best of everything .
Our baby’s skin is so soft ,gentle and snsetive to ..so we must choose the right product which can provide a protective shield to the baby’s soft skin..A huge range of baby product are available in the market which looks natural  but in reality these products are full of chemical .But HIMALAYA BABY CREAM   is specially formulated to protect your baby’s skin .it is gentle, pure and clinically tested…

Pack size with price
Price of 50 ml tube is 70 rs.
 you can buy it from this link with discount.

Price of 100 ml tube is 121 rs.
you can buy it from this link with discount.

Price of 200ml tube is 225 rs.
 you can buy it from this link with discount.
Review of Himalaya Baby Cream-

It is specially formulated for the baby s skin . it is mild in fragrance, mild, gentle and clinically tested also…
It has olive oil  which is reach source of omega 3fatty acids,vitamine E .its smoothening properties help to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy..
It has Licorice which is anti bacterial and its anti bacterial properties help to reduce redness, and make the skin brighter and lighter.
It has country mallow. it is an anti oxidant which protect your baby’s skin from germs.
Pros and cons of the product

Pros –

  • It is well packed and easy to use..
  • It is great for your baby’s gentle,sensitive  and dry skin.
  • Easily available in market.
  • Pocket friendly.

Cons –

  • Apply the small amount of the cream other wise skin will feel greasy…

Some checkpoint for baby products –
Try to find the natural products for your baby instead of chemical . Most of the skincare products fragrance ingredients are synthetic but in natural products essential oils are used for fragrance…
It is always advisable to do the patch test before you start using any skin care product for your baby..
Spend some time to see the ingredients used for the product so that you can choose the ingredients you recognize.sometime product which seems herbal on the label are not purely herbel.

          In fact no big companies products are purely herbal . But though Himalaya Baby Cream looks better positioned …


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