Hilarious Laundry Role Reversal Meme Sparked the Best Thread on Facebook Right Now


As frustrating and limiting as rigid gender roles and expectations are for everyone, sometimes it helps to laugh at life’s problems. Right? Well, something like that.

A hilarious Facebook post from Man Who Has It All—the makers of the hysterical ‘male engineer’ tee we loved so much—is tickling our funny bone for all of the right reasons. The photo features a young woman, labeled “Family Woman, Trish, CEO,” alongside the caption, “I actually don’t mind helping my husband with the laundry, as long as he tells me when it needs doing and exactly how to do it.”

It’s a spousal-duties-role-reversal joke. Get it? This is something executive dads would likely be celebrated for saying, whereas moms are expected to do it all without being asked. Not to mention, dads often need to be prompted to help out, and the effort that goes into holding their hand through the process… well, let’s just say there’s no logical reason why household duties shouldn’t be split equally between working parents. So, yes, it’s pretty comical to praise dads who can’t move the laundry without help!

What’s even better than the meme itself? The comments. Below, we’ve selected a few of our favorites, because we could all use a good-hearted laugh these days.

“What a hero! This modern-day woman obviously deserves a medal. I bet her husband doesn’t praise her nearly enough.”

“I don’t understand why the woman should help. She already has a job. I doubt her husband has the capacity to help her when she’s at work so why should it be the other way around?”

“Well, I’d love to help but he still didn’t show me HOW to do it. I don’t even know where we store the dirty laundry, I just leave it in the bathroom on the floor and the next morning it’s gone somewhere and after a while it appears back in the closet. He tells me it’s still at the same place in the laundry room, but I know he keeps shuffling the laundry boxes to confuse me. Whenever I try to help, I only get criticized for not doing it right anyway so I’d rather give up.”

“I think men’s brains are just more wired for laundry. They know exactly what needs to be washed by hand vs. machine, what chemicals are good for getting coffee stains out of my shirts, what temperature the water should be and seem to have a photographic memory for where all the clothes are in the laundry cycle and which clothes are for which child. Her husband is very, very lucky. I hope he makes a big fuss and posts on his social media platforms about how amazing his wife is. I once folded some towels and my husband even took photos although he did smirk when he did.”

“I help all the time. I pull out the wet load and leave it in a basket on the floor so he can hang it up later. Then I put whichever things of mine I’ve realized I want washed in and turn it on. He still complains! Apparently it ‘wouldn’t kill’ me to hang up the wet things I take out and, if that’s not enough nagging, ‘it would be helpful’ if I added anything from the dirty washing basket to the things I put in for washing because ‘the rest of the family also have things that need washing’ and ‘it makes no sense’ to put on a full wash for the six things I want done. Honestly. No wonder so many women don’t even try. We just get criticized.”

“Mine missed a stain doing laundry the other day. Got pretty pissy when I pointed it out to him. Ungrateful. He even had the audacity to ask why I worked longer the next day. He thinks our new, hot secretary was the reason. It surely wasn’t because he’s hot, but he doesn’t complain when I criticize his work. So much more pleasant to be around than a nagging husband.”

“You GO Trish! What a shero! This is what allyship looks like. Can we nominate her for an award? I’ll bet your husband doesn’t mind at all picking up all the dirty clothes, sorting them into similar colors, drying, ironing and folding them when you are there showing us all how it’s done!”

Alright, alright, you get it. We’re going to be keeping tabs on the hilarious Facebook page—we never know when we’ll need a little comedic relief.


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