Here’s The Best Tips for Teaching Your Child to Write Their Numbers


Is your child getting frustrated learning to write their numbers?

This tip, from an Occupation Therapy Assistant on Facebook, might be one of the best ones we have seen. Thumb numbers can help your child use their hand as a guide to learn to write.

With thumb numbers, your child places their left hand in a rough L shape. Each number they draw is based on using the index finger and thumb as a guide.

The top part of the 2, for example, fits your child’s thumb. The L part of a written 4 fits against the L part of the hand. Their thumb points at the center of a number 8.

The Facebook post shows the positioning for each number. Even a 6 fits into the L of your hand with the idea that “Six sits on its bottom.”

Once your child is familiar with the shape, switch the hand for a finger tip, and your child will be able to bring their handwriting down in size to fit a smaller piece of paper.

Keep in mind that the main tip is based on having a right-handed child, using the left hand as a guide. For a left-handed child, they can flip their right hand which seems clumsy, or trace them a copy of their own left hand to use.

Isn’t this just brilliant? Let us know if you end up giving it a try!

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