It is true that toddler are the most difficult age group to handle. It is the main time when habits are formed . They are always learning and live in a continuous state of wonder. Personality and behavioral treats are built at these time. Parents can shape and mold a positive environment around their toddlers to help them growing up to be balanced and rational.
For a toddler, sitting in one place and eating  foods is never a priority. As a parents it us very natural to be concerned and anxious. Some parents even thought doubting their clocking skills .
One important thing every parents should remember is that if your child’s growth and energy level seems normal then every thing is on right track.

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Here The Ways, To Get Your Toddlers To Eat Healthy Foods

Mood Swings- Your toddler will also have the mood ,likes and dislikes. Give your toddler space but be around. Maybe the last meal was too much for their growing digestive system. Analyze the situations practically.
Offer praise – At the end of every meal time do not forget to offer praise. Praise from the parents is a big morale booster for your toddler. Parents do give yourself a pat on the back,when you accomplish the task of developing a good friendship between your toddler and their foods. A little motivation goes a long way.
Making mealtime pleasant – Use plastic or none breakable utensils. We should provided a pleasant mealtime atmosphere for our toddler. In this time we should try to avoid  disciplining our child during meal. We should expect our toddler to be messy.
From mouth to stomach – you should channelize the movement is doing various activities by sitting at one place. When that mouth barricade is firmly closed the cost of getting food is directly proportional to how much you are able to engage  and entertain your toddler while eating. Making funny faces , singing , messing up with bring that smile and possibly get some food in.
Just offer – Toddler can never suppress hunger, if hungry the kid will express it with some expression. So we the parents should avoid nagging the toddler about eating. Parents need to understand the sign and expression, and give the right food at the right time.
Have family meal together –  It’s good for the kids of this age to see their parents eating together and eating healthy food. Child eat a more nutritional diet when they regularly have family meals.
Don’t bargain for bites – Bargain approach may built dislike for healthy food .this doesn’t mean you should not teach your toddler about the benefit of healthy foods. But don’t push too much. To encourage healthy eating, continue offering your toddler an array of nutritious choice.

         Toddlers are growing and learning and also adjusting to this world. It is impossible for toddlers to follow perfect time an routing every single day. So little ups and down in eating time is normal.

            Toddler doesn’t  need to gain much weight from age 1 to3.. and therefore don’t need to eat verymuch. Toddler continues to learn many new things during meal time: The test and texture of the new foods and how to decide when they are hungry or full.


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