Healthy Snack Variety Packs to Satisfy Everyone in Your Household


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These treats are so good, they won’t realize they’re good for them too.

Without buying out the whole snack aisle at the grocery store, it’s hard to please varying taste buds when it comes to snack time. A fun way to combat the cries of “we have nothing to eat” is to buy a variety pack of healthy snacks. It lets your family try new things, discover new favorites and satisfy old cravings.

From Sweet to Salty

Blue Ribbon Care Package 50 Count Ultimate Sampler Mixed Bars

All snacks are hand-picked and shipped loose in a box for easy grab and go.

Perhaps your kids prefer a crunchy snack or have a sweet tooth. This box has every type of snacker covered with chips, crackers, nuts, granola bars and even candy to indulge in.

Take Some with You

Cookies, Chips & Candies Ultimate Snacks Care Package Bulk Variety Pack Bundle Sampler

Great for at home or to share with larger groups at picnics or sporting events.

It’s hard to keep the snack drawer stocked with a busy family life. This chest with dozens of bags ensures you won’t run out anytime soon.

For Little Ones

GoGo squeeZ Applesauce, Variety Pack

Tip: Pop a pouch in the freezer overnight, and use it as the ice pack in your child’s lunchbox. By lunchtime, it’s a delish slushy.

Squeezable applesauce in a pouch is a quintessential portable snack. It’s made from 100% fruit and is gluten-, nut- and dairy-free. And a variety pack lets kids test out new flavors too.


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