Looking for healthy Halloween snacks for kids? From whole-wheat croutons to string cheese witches’ brooms and spooky egg spiders,  these 1o Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids have got you covered! From Halloween parties to school lunches and creepily-festive snacks at home–all without miniature candy bar in sight!

10 Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids

10 Super Cute Candy-Free and Healthy Halloween Foods for Kids

The best thing about these festive Halloween foods for kids? They’re all easy to make. In fact, kids can help with almost all of them, and they are the perfect Halloween party snacks!

10 Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids

Healthy Halloween Dinner Foods

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The last thing that most kids want to do on Halloween is to sit down and eat dinner.

I remember when I was a kid, I just wanted to run outside and get started on Trick-or-Treating! My Mom knew that the combination of a kid with an empty stomach running around in the cold, and then filling up on sugar, was a terrible idea. So, she started making fun Halloween themed meals each year, in order to pique our interest! My favorite was Mummy Dogs (hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury Crescent roll dough, so that they baked around them like mummies. The recipe is below!

Here are some quick and easy ideas to get at least a small snack into your Trick-or-Treater before you head out. They are also perfect for a Halloween party:

  • This Tomato-Basil & Tortellini Soup with Bat Croutons, from Foodlets, is a perfect fall soup. We love the festive croutons (courtesy of a bat-shaped cookie cutter).
  • Real Mom Nutrition‘s Green Goblin Smoothies are full of bananas, peaches, pineapple, and a secret green ingredient that many kids will find scary enough for Halloween–spinach!

10 Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids

Halloween-Themed Dinner Ideas

10 Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids

Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids 

Surprise your little one with a fun Halloween-themed lunch at school, or enlist their help (and creativity!) in making their own lunch, or lunch for their brother or sister.

I love finding cute and funny Halloween knock-knock jokes, and writing them on a Halloween napkin, and then slipping a new on in my daughter’s lunchbox every day of October! Check out this free Halloween jokes printable from Skip to My Lou!

Sometimes I even switch it out with an educational fact about the history of Halloween.

  • What kid wouldn’t LOVE to find this Haunted House Bento Lunch, from bentolunch.net, at lunchtime on Oct. 31?
  • This Mummy Sandwich is surprisingly simple to make, with just the right amount of boo!
  • Pudding Pumpkins – Hollow a tangerine into a jack-o-lantern bowl for pudding, with this recipe for Pudding Pumpkins, from Foodlets.
  • FoodletsString Cheese Witches’ Brooms are so cute and so easy to make!

10 Super Cute Candy-Free Halloween Foods for Kids

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Kids

What is your kiddo’s favorite healthy Halloween snack, or meal? Comment below! 


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