Handprint Cows

“Moo, moo” says the cow! Cows are popular farm animals and one of our favorites. After all, that’s where delicious milk comes from. Did you know cows like to eat about 40lbs of grass and plants per day? That’s a lot! A baby cow is called a calf, a mommy cow is called a cow, and a daddy cow is called a bull.

We made a super cute handprint cow craft to help little learners explore the farm in the classroom or homeschool. We hope you have fun down on the farm. Moo!

Handprint Cows

Things you’ll need

  • Construction paper – several colors
  • Craft paint – black
  • Cotton ball
  • Googly eyes
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
Handprint Cows

First, trace your hand on a white piece of paper using a marker and add a tail shape near your little finger. You can also sketch out a head, snout and ears.

Handprint Cows

Next, stamp some black craft paint onto your hand to make realistic cow spots. Feel free to get creative and use different colors and sizes of spots! Why not?

Handprint Cows

While the paint dries, you can draw and cut out some grassy hills from green construction paper for your cow to roam on.

Handprint Cows

You can trace a bottle cap onto some yellow paper and cut out a sun. Add little triangles around the sun for some sparkling details.

Handprint Cows

Once the handprint is dry, cut out all of your cow shapes.

Handprint Cows

Assemble your lovely cow by sticking down all of the parts with some glue. A blue sheet of construction paper makes a nice sky, but you can use any color you choose.

Handprint Cows

Q: What did Mommy cow say to her baby calf? 
A: “It’s pasture bedtime!”

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