Halloween Printable Treat Bag For Delicious Ghost Poop Treat


A cute Halloween printable can make simple treats really stand out. Halloween printable activities like this are super easy and super cute!  Y’all know how we LOVE a fun {and free} printable here at  Kids Activities Blog!

Ghost Poop Recipe and Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog

Have you heard of reindeer poop, bunny poop…?

Actually, I think I might have made up bunny poop treats. I don’t think they exist, he, he.

When I first heard of Ghost Poop, I knew that I couldn’t just put marshmallows in a bag. So we decided to make it into a yummy treat because who wants to receive a bag of marshmallows other then my 2 year old.  That boy loves marshmallows.

We discovered his love for marshmallows one night when we were making smores after our family night. I was looking for our little man and then I spotted him sitting in a corner, in the dark, with a bag of marshmallows in his lap and a mouth full of them, barely able to give me his cute little “I’m busted” smile.

Halloween Printable

This is a great little holiday activity and it’s so easy your kids can join in the cooking process.  They love popcorn and chocolate and saying the word “poop.” There was much excitement when I told them we were going to make Ghost Poop. I loved how simple this was to make, it will most likely make it on our Halloween Party Food list.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Ghost Poop:

What you will need:

  • Popcorn that has been popped
  • White chocolate melted
  • Plastic baggies
  • Printable
  • Stapler

Us making homemade ghost poop with popcorn and white chocolate for the printable treat bags

Halloween Printable Activities

1. Spread your popcorn on wax paper.

2. Take your melted chocolate and pour over the popcorn evenly.

3. Let it cool and place into the baggies.

4. Cut out your Halloween printables, fold in half and staple to the top of the baggie. If you don’t want to use the printable just use fun craft paper and staple it to the top.

Ghost Poop

My 5 year old’s response after we were done making them, “Can we not eat the ghost poop until we have company? I want to show my friends that I can eat ghost poop.”  This recipe was definitely up my boys alley.

For the printable just right click and copy and paste as many as you need into your document.

ghost poop

More Spooky Kids Activities

A Halloween printable turns popcorn into Ghost Poop!  What other fun Halloween printable activities have you found?

If you’re looking for more Halloween fun then you’ve come to the right place! While ghost poop is delicious, we have other treat bag printables you may like.

We also have a ton of other fun Halloween activities you may like. You can make your own glowing cards to invite your friends to your Halloween party. Looking for party games? We have this super fun (and tasty) Halloween bingo printable as well.


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