Halloween Math Activities with Painted Pumpkin Rocks


Want a fun way to sneak in some Halloween math into the holiday’s festivities?   These three Halloween math activities using pumpkin rocks are sure to please.   We have so much fun with Halloween here at Kids Activities Blog!

Pumpkin math activitiy

Halloween Math

We recently turned some of our rock collection into pumpkin rocks. The pumpkin rocks are a super easy Halloween craft all on their own. Use them in some math games for an added bonus.Counting pumpkins with number circles

Counting Pumpkins with Number Circles


  • paper
  • marker
  • pumpkin rocks (regular rocks or other tokens will work, too)

Painted pumpkins math game


Draw circles on a piece of paper. Number the circles.

How to Play:

Place the pumpkin rocks on the numbered circles. Count the pumpkins as you place them on the circles. Count the pumpkins as you take them off of the circles.

pumpkin math number matching

Halloween Math Activities

Pumpkin Number Match

Use the same materials from the Counting Pumpkins with Number Circles Game. Write numbers on the bottom of the rocks with a permanent marker.

How to Play:

Match the numbers on the bottom of the pumpkin rocks to the numbers in the circles.

Cute painted pumpkin rocks used for the counting pumpkin games with the number card that has circles

Halloween Math Games

Counting Pumpkins with Number Cards


  • paper (3 pieces of cardstock works well)
  • marker
  • pumpkin rocks  (regular rocks or other tokens will work, too)


  1. Cut 3 pieces of paper into fourths. (You now have 12 cards.)
  2. Number the cards from 1-12. Write the number words on each card as well.

How to Play:

Draw a card. Place the correct number of pumpkins on the card.

Other Ways to Play with Halloween Math for Older Kids:

  • You can practice higher numbers by having each rock represent a certain value. (Example: Have a card labeled 50. Each rock represents 10. You would place 5 rocks on the card to equal 50.)
  •  Use even numbers, and practice counting by two’s.
  • Combine cards to practice addition or subtraction. (Example Card 5 + Card 1 = ?. Place the correct number of rocks on each card. Then solve the problem and choose the correct card.)

More Kids Activities

Halloween math doesn’t have to be spooky.  Treat your kids by making learning fun with Halloween math activities like these.  We have more fun Halloween kids activities for you to check out:


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