Hair Shampoo Brushes to Give Your Scalp Some TLC


When you shower, it’s rare to use your hands to lather. You’ll opt for a loofah or exfoliating sponge so your skin can reap the benefits of body wash. Your scalp is no different—a shampoo brush brings about immense benefits. It helps make hair healthier, eliminates dandruff and even promotes hair growth, to name a few. Here’s why you should add this simple tool to your shower routine.

If fine or thinning hair is a concern, a shampoo brush aids with fullness. It helps with hair growth and prevents hair loss by stimulating circulation in the scalp.

A shampoo brush benefit is the amazing massage it gives your scalp—but that massage is also what stimulates circulation. That increased blood flow aids hair in growing fuller, thicker and of course, faster.

Shampoo brushes not only get your hair clean—they also ensure the health of your scalp. The brush helps your head stay dandruff free by ridding it of dirt, debris and excess build-up.


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