Grab your crayons because today we’re coloring these free Halloween Coloring Pages.  

Halloween Coloring Pages

Every Halloween we get very excited to break out our favorite costumes and plan ways to give our friends a fun, good-natured fright.

Black cats, witches, pumpkins, and even monsters come out to play in these Halloween coloring sheets. No matter what age your kids are, they will love these Halloween coloring printables.

A young boy is coloring a coloring sheet with crayons. Next to him is a glass jar filled with crayons.

Coloring these Halloween coloring sheets is a relaxing activity that families can do together.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Looking for ways to celebrate Halloween with your family or in the classroom? We have you covered for this spookiest of seasons.  30 Days of Halloween Fun Calendar

Invite even the youngest children into the spooky fun with the friendly faces and big smiles you find on these cute Halloween coloring pages. 

A row of eight colored pencils freshly sharpened and sitting on a glass surface so their reflection is visible.

Pencils, crayons, or even watercolor paints can bring life to your Halloween coloring printables!

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

There are 3 spookalicious Halloween coloring pages to color in this pack! A wicked witch is flying on her broom and is waiting for your kids to give her life with colors (they’ll have the most fun with her stockings!).

We really can’t have Halloween without pumpkins, can we? Three Jack-O-Lanterns and a black cat – color away! Last, but not least, there’s a friendly (yet fierce) monster waiting to be brought to life!

If you really love coloring sheets like we do, download this Halloween Art for your kids and share these coloring pages with the teachers in your life, too.

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You can print these pages as often as you like! Also, don’t forget to grab these Monster Coloring Pages and these Halloween Cat Coloring Pages, too.

Are you looking for teen or adult coloring pages? Check out these Sugar Skull printables. Or look for more Halloween activities pages to keep your kids busy all through October.




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