Free Printable Expanded Form Place Value Math Worksheet for Kids


This Free Printable Place Value Game for Learning Expanded Form  from Little Learning Lovies will give your kids great hands-on experience manipulating numbers and quickly expanding and adding them. It’s a great math skill they’ll be grateful to have mastered.

Free printable place value game for learning expanded form from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog.

Free Printable Place Value Game For Learning Expanded Form

Expanded form can be a tricky concept but with this game, it’s quick to SHOW kids how separating numbers into their parts can be quick and easy!

The set comes with number cards for each place value, 4 different 10-sided dice and a worksheet for them to practice on.

To play, kids roll the dice and then choose the cards that match for each of the 4 place values.  For example, if they roll a 4, 6, 3 and a 9, they might pick the 4 card, the 60 card, the 300 card and the 9000 card.  Then they write these numerals into the spaces on the worksheet.  By stacking the cards up in size order, largest on the bottom, they’ll quickly SEE the total once they are added together.

They can also practice going the opposite direction by stacking the cards first and then pulling them apart to see the expanded form version.

Get your FREE Printable Place Value Game for Learning Expanded Form!

Are you ready to print and play this fun activity?

I hope you enjoy these Free Printable Expanded Form Game from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog!

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